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This website is not a substitute for medical advice Information on this website


1. Information on this website www.govrin.co.il (hereinafter: the "Site") is intended for general consideration only and under no circumstances does it constitute professional medical advice, expert opinion or a substitute for the assistance of an expert. No information provided on this website is an instruction or a recommendation of how to treat any health or aesthetic condition. Advice, as aforesaid, shall be provided only individually, to a specific client, as part of the activities of Dr. Jacky Govrin-Yehudain in his Clinic. Purpose of the content appearing on the site is to help the user to expand his personal basic knowledge and allow him to receive information prior to contacting a specialist.


Limitation of Liability

2. Neither Dr. Jacky Govrin-Yehudain (" Dr. Govrin ") nor his representative shall be responsible for any use that shall be made of the website by the user. The site in general, including the information contained therein, the underlying software, the information and the material that can be accessed through the site, are made available for the user 'as is', subject to the provisions of any law instructing otherwise. Dr. Govrin is not responsible, either explicitly nor implicitly: ( 1) in respect of the material, the information, and the actions, access to which is made possible means of accessing the Site, including with regard to any errors of proofreading, drafting or other errors; (2 ) for any product, software or services, the access to which was performed by means of any electronic link from the site; (3 ) for any damage which may have been caused or is likely to be caused by the transmittal of confidential or sensitive information via the website; (4 ) for any damage which may have been caused or is likely to be caused by any defect or malfunction in the software that operates the site or access to the site; (5 ) responsibility for preventing the penetration of viruses, computer bugs or any other computer damage found in the user's system applies to the user only.


3. Dr. Govrin shall neither be responsible nor shall be obliged for any damage and / or injury whether these are direct and / or indirect, including for mental distress and so forth, incurred by the user of the site or to the property and / or the computer and / or to any third party due to and / or as a result of entering the Site and / or browsing the Site or the inability to enter and / or to browse the Site and / or of exposure to computer damages (including viruses) while using the Site and / or as a result of relying on the information contained in the Site and / or any part of it.


4. "Damage" - including all costs and expenses of any kind whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, that may be caused to the user and / or any party whatsoever and / or indemnification of the user and / or any party whatsoever in respect of any claim, demand, action on behalf of the user and / or it that party.


Property rights

5. All intellectual property on the site with the copyright of the Site and its services, including design, all the information including technological information, applications, graph files, computer codes, texts, confidential registered trademarks, patents that have or have not been registered, logos, audio, video and / or any other material whatsoever (hereinafter: the "information") is wholly owned by Dr. Govrin.


6. The user of the site undertakes not to make any changes of any kind to the information, including rewriting, editing, processing, summarizing, translation, copying, storing, advertising, limiting or removing advertisement of the information or any part of it, on the Internet and / or on any other media, which presently exists and / or which may exist in the future, and not to grant subsidiary licenses, nor to create derivative works and not to conduct transactions and / or contracts with any third parties, whether for consideration or without consideration, of the information or any part of it. No commercial use may be made of these contents and / or any use other than personal use, without receiving for this purpose explicit written license from Dr. Govrin and / or his representative.


7. Any reproduction, distribution, delivery, transmission or publication of information stored in the database, not expressly permitted, is absolutely forbidden, unless prior written consent has been received from Dr. Govrin.


Changes in the regulations from time to time

8.The user is aware of the fact that the terms of use of this site are updated from time to time, and he promises to read the revised regulations and to act in accordance thereto. For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified that all the information provided and / or any part of it does not constitute any invitation, representation, statement and / or any obligation to create any engagement between Dr. Govrin and / or his representative and the user and / or any third party.


Prohibition of abuse

9. The user declares and undertakes that he shall not make any abuse of the services of the site. In respect of this matter "abuse " includes, but is not limited to :

9.1 Performing any deed or action that is forbidden in accordance with law.

9.2 Any commercial use of the website.

9.3 Illegal penetration into material and / or computer files

9.4 Distributing computer damage of any kind.

9.5 Any use of or interference with other computers – in opposition to the Computers Law, 5755 - 1995.

9.6 Any use which may cause damage or disruption and / or restrict the use of the website services

9.7 Any use that may cause damage or infringement of intellectual or other property for others.


10. Should the user violate the provisions of these regulations, either by deed or by omission, Dr. Govrin and / or his representative, shall be entitled to compensation and indemnification from the user for any damage and / or loss and / or expense that may be incurred.



11. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel. Exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be subject to the competent court in Haifa.


12. This regulation applies to both men and women, and use of the masculine is for the purpose of convenience only.

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