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Preparations for the elimination of wrinkles

Preparations for the elimination of wrinkles have become very popular in recent years, and they are widely used. Some of these substances such as collagen, Juvederm and others fill up the wrinkles and thus blur or conceal them, while substances such as botox or disport paralyze the activity of the muscle causing the wrinkle and thus eliminate the wrinkle itself. Each substance for elimination of wrinkles has advantages and disadvantages ensuing from their nature and type. Some of them are absorbed and disappear with time and cause the recurrence of the wrinkle. Some remain in the body permanently and may cause hardening and inflammation, occasionally severe, at the site of the injection. We will present briefly some of these substances, with their advantages and disadvantages.

The Injection of silicon for the filling up of wrinkles is controversial among physicians and raises many objections. Although silicon is a stable substance and remains permanently, which is its main advantage, however, the organism may develop severe and persistent inflammation around the silicon drops injected directly into the tissues, and this is the main shortcoming of this substance. This inflammation may cause deformation of the tissues and severe esthetic damage for many years. 


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Autogenous fat
By this technique, small amounts of fat are suctioned from body regions where there are fat surpluses (the buttocks, the lower abdomen, the hips) and are transplanted into other facial regions. This treatment is performed in an operating room in sterile conditions under local anesthesia, both in the suction region and the injection region. Fat injection is suitable for filling up very deep wrinkles. The advantage of this technique is the use of a natural substance, and its disadvantage is that the results are short-term.
Potential side-effects are bleeding and swelling of a few days' duration. Also possible is an asymmetric withdrawal of fat in the regions of fat transplantations.
Bio alcamid


Bio alcamid
Bio alcamid is a chemical substance made of a polymer absorbing fluids after its injection into the body. Bio alcamid is a substance soft to the touch compatible with the body tissues. It remains in the body for a long time, but it may be removed from the body if necessary, although not easily and not completely. Bio alcamid is suitable for the repair of deep wrinkles and folds at the sides of the nose, for the filling up of the cheeks, and modification of the chin profile.  


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Collagen is a natural protein found in great quantities in the body tissues, mainly in the skin, cartilage, and bone. Collagen is an ideal preparation for the elimination of slight wrinkles appearing in young women, in the age group of 30-40. Prior to collagen injection, a skin test must be performed in order to verify that the patient is not allergic to collagen. Approximately 2%-3% of women are allergic to collagen, and in them, the treatment with this substance should be avoided. Similarly, collagen treatment should be avoided in women presenting diseases known as collagen diseases, rheumatic diseases, and some allergic diseases. During treatment, collagen is injected directly into the facial wrinkle. Facial wrinkles responding well to collagen treatment are those on both sides of the nose and the mouth –  nasolabial folds that become deep quite early and impart to the face a tired and sagging look. The wrinkles between the eyebrows – glabellar wrinkles – imparting to the face an angry look are eliminated well with collagen. This substance is also effective for treatment of the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and wrinkles of the cheeks and lips. On the other hand it is not suitable for wrinkles of the eyelids, on both sides of the eyes, of the neck and the body. Collagen is produced in various concentrations, zyderm i ; zyderm ii . Likewise there is another preparation, zyplast, that is more suitable for filling up of facial depressions and lips. The main advantage of collagen is its being a natural substance. However, its great advantage is also its disadvantage. Due to its being a natural substance, it disintegrates as any biologic substance in the body, so that long-term maintaining of the treatment outcome requires repeating the treatment every 6-8 months on the average. It should be noted that stopping collagen treatment does not aggravate the state of the wrinkles but restores it to the pre-treatment state.


Artecall is a synthetic mixture of microscopic pellets and collagen solution. The pellets are injected into the connective tissue, stimulate the connective tissue cells, and cause them to increase their collagen production. This substance is suitable for the treatment of depressed scars, deep expression wrinkles, for thickening of the lips and filling up of the depressions on the sides of the nose. The disadvantage: a skin test should be performed prior to the injection in order to verify that the patient is not allergic to collagen. Occasionally masses that do not disappear may appear. Artecall is not intended for the repair of delicate wrinkles. An optimal outcome is obtained after three months.


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Hyaluronic acid

JUVIDERM, PERLANE/RESTYLANE, HYALOFORM are all preparations based on hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found abundantly in connective tissue, cartilage, and the skin.
Hyaluronic acid is effective and safe and does not cause hypersensitivity phenomena so that there is no need for a preliminary allergy test of the substance before treatment. These preparations are particularly suitable for filling up of the expression wrinkles on both sides of the nose and the mouth (NASOLABIAL FOLDS(, for filling up of the wrinkles between the eyebrows )GLABELAR WRINKLES  ,(and for filling up or shaping of the lips. Their effect is effective, and the outcome is visible immediately after the injection of the substance. After the treatment, daily activity may be immediately resumed. The main disadvantage of these substances is the short and unforeseeable duration (approximately 6 months on the average) they remain in the body, due to their being a natural substance that breaks down with time and restores the previous state.


New peel
New peel is a hydrogel of polylactic acid. This substance is suitable for filling up of the wrinkles between the nasal angle and the oral angles, the wrinkles between the oral angles and the chin, the wrinkles between the eyebrows and for the filling up of sunken cheeks. No allergy test is required. The substance lasts one and a half years up to two years; however, its shortcoming is that lumps may appear in the region of the injection. 


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Botox is the trade name of a toxin called Botollinium, manufactured in the laboratory from the bacterium Clostridium botolinum. This substance induces paralysis of the muscles causing the wrinkles. The botolinum bacterium is widely used in medicine for many years for the treatment of various medical problems. Botox is suitable for the elimination of forehead wrinkles, the wrinkles surrounding the eyes, and wrinkles between the eyebrows. Botox treatment eliminates almost entirely the forehead wrinkles. The treatment has to be repeated every four to six months.
In infrequent cases botox treatment may cause a drop of the eyebrow or a squint; however, these cases are infrequent and subside spontaneously.


Disport is also produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium, and its effect also resembles that of botox (see botox). This substance is suitable for wrinkles on the sides of the eyes, the forehead, and the upper lip. The shortcoming of disport as of botox is the need to renew the treatment every few months. 


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