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Lightweight B-Lite™ Implants for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgery    שתלים קלי משקל b-lite


Dr. Govrin - Founder & President of G & G BIOTECHNOLOGY - together with his team of engineers, chemists and biologists, and the Research & Development staff, have succeeded in developing Lightweight B-Lite™ Implants for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgery.

The new implant is the first and only development of its kind in the world and is based on an innovative technology developed by the Company.


B-Lite ™ technology allows for the desired volume or size of the implant to be permanently maintained, but reduces the weight of that same implant by over 30%.

It is well known that severe reactions - such as degeneration of the breast and its components (the gland and the fat), thinning of the skin, stretch marks, drooping and flabbiness - are phenomena that may occur in the breasts after breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. Contrary to what is customarily believed, it is not the size of the implant, but the weight which is responsible for a large part of these side effects.


Due to the bio-mechanical characteristics of the soft tissue, the visco-elasticity responds immediately to the tension that is created in them during the phenomenon of stress and relaxation, creeping (cold flow) of the skin and muscle when stretched, quickly become flaccid and adjust to the stress that is generated in them. This process is quick, relatively short and time restricted. Even after breast augmentation surgery or breast reconstruction, because of the tension that occurs in the tissue ( due to the size or volume of the implant ), the tissues undergo a rapid process of flaccidity and adjustment to the tension that is created in them.

This process, as stated, is brief and ends quickly. From now on, the forces acting on the tissue are purely the gravitational and pulling forces and, as we know, these depend solely on the weight of the implant.

Due to the constant burden, the weight of the implant will, over the years, apply force on the soft tissue and the breasts, causing them permanent and lasting damage as long as the implant remains in the body. The increased pull of heavy implants, over time, only worsens these effects.





B -Lite ™ technology greatly reduces the weight of the implant and the side effects associated with it, improves and preserves the results of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction.

According to Dr. Govrin, a Specialist in Plastic Surgery with vast international experience in chest surgery, the implant will enable women to choose the breast size (the implant ) they want, but the reduced weight of the implant will lessen the constant pulling on the breast and the accelerated rate of drooping, and the breast will remain erect and firm for many years. According to Dr. Govrin an implant that is light in weight is a necessity and a real and important requisite for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. He states that as these operations are becoming more common, the demand from women for large ( and of course heavy ) implants is growing.

In the series of innovations and advanced technology protected by patents, Dr. Govrin and his team have succeeded in significantly reducing the weight of the implant (by more than 30%).

The new implant will allow the selection of any size of implant, but at significantly reduced weight.

B -Lite™ Implants are manufactured by G & G BIOTECHNOLOGY.


B -Lite™ Implants have been developed with a unique technology, using materials that are recognized and approved in the fields of medicine and industry to create implants. The implant can be anatomical or round in appearance, of any profile, high, medium or low, with a smooth or rough exterior, etc

B -Lite™ Implants have successfully undergone a very long series of testing at the most stringent standards in the U.S. and Germany.


Following this, the company recently received ISO and CE certifications for the quality of the technology, and the light weight of the implants that have been developed.

Having received these approvals, after the process of registration that is customary in various European countries and in Israel, the Company will be able to allow doctors to perform implant surgery with the implants that they have developed.


It is the opinion of many specialists - including the leading plastic surgeons In Israel and around the world – that the new implant, because of the special advantages it offers, will be of great importance for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction and will serve as an important component in the next generation of surgical breast implants worldwide.


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