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"Whatever everyone does well, we will do excellently"


This motto, that I thought up during one of my operations, still at the beginning of my career as a plastic surgeon, became over the years a symbol and an example of my and my dedicated staff's work throughout all my activity in hospitals, in operating rooms, in clinics, during my medical and scientific career.
This striving for excellence, for the perfect outcome, for a high-standard performance, for state-of-the-art surgical techniques, became a guiding principle in my entire career as a surgeon. The happiness and joy that the results of my operations bring to my numerous patients, who come to me from all over Israel and from abroad, also fill me personally with satisfaction and pride as a person and a physician.


Successful plastic surgery must provide great beauty and grace to the operated organ, must make it look quite natural, without any marks of surgery, and obviously, to create an organ that is  fitting  and harmonious with the other organs of the body. Body and soul are intertwined and affect greatly each other.
Not in vain did the sages say, "A healthy soul in a healthy body". Plastic surgery is surgery of the heart and the soul no less than of the body itself.
Successful plastic surgery not only greatly improves the appearance of the body but also greatly enhances the body image, self-confidence, and the associated joy and happiness.


Dr. Govrin is one of the high-ranking and prominent specialists of plastic surgery in Israel.
Dr. Govrin graduated from the medical school of the Technion in Haifa, did his specialized training in the Rambam Hospital, and completed his training in leading medical centers in Europe and the USA.

Dr. Govrin established the plastic surgery department of the Naharia Hospital that provides a great variety of medical services, and develops state-of-the-art medical methods. These services include the treatment of congenital defects, severe burns, reconstruction of organs, complex trauma, benign and malignant skin tumors, and the treatment of infrequent and special casesthat have been widely published in the medical literature. Among the state-of-the-art techniques implemented by Dr. Govrin, we would like to mention advanced laser techniques and Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

Dr. Govrin has hosted in his department celebrated specialists who have contributed greatly to the surgical and treatment methods. Dr. Govrin is performing research that is being carried out concomitantly in twelve leading medical centers.
Dr. Govrin's research has resulted in the development of a preparation for the treatment of persistent chronic ulcers that were until now resistant to treatment. This preparation is soon to be used in Israel and worldwide. At the same time, Dr. Govrin is occupied in the development of a lightweight silicon implant that will impart in breast-enlargement surgery the desired size to the breast with an implant much more light in weight than the current ones, which will prevent the drooping of the breast and its fast sagging and will enable the breast to be upright and erect for many years. It is most likely that this implant, upon its final development, will become the next generation of implants for breast- enlargement surgery throughout the world.

Dr. Govrin initiated the idea and acted effectively for the establishment of a university in the Galilee, including a faculty of medicine, as a unique contribution to the Galilee, which is being actually implemented at the present. Dr. Govrin is a member of a panel of specialists who examine physicians to qualify for the title of specialist in plastic and esthetic surgery. He is a regular participant in medical conferences held in Israel and abroad and has published scores of medical articles in the international medical literature. At the same time, Dr. Govrin performs various plastic and esthetic surgery operations by state-of-the-art techniques. The vast experience and reputation that Dr. Govrin has acquired over the years bring to his clinic thousands of patients from all over Israel and from abroad.


Dr. Govrin is a member of the following organizations and institutions:

בולט כתר - [IMG]   The Israel Medical Association.

בולט כתר - [IMG]   The Israel Surgical Association.
בולט כתר - [IMG]   The Israel Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association.

בולט כתר - [IMG]   The European Burns Association.

בולט כתר - [IMG]   The International Burns Association.


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