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The triple treatment method was developed by Dr. Govrin in collaboration with pharmaceutical laboratories, with the license of the Israeli Ministry of Health, for women after breast surgery.
Much thought and effort were put into the development that was guided by the particular needs of the operated patients and the meticulous standards of Dr. Govrin.
The course has three components. The first two components are combined at the same time, and they treat the initial post-operative stage. The third component is for the preservation stage, its purpose is long-term and one should persist with it in order to preserve the quality of the skin and its renewal.
The instructions should be followed faithfully in order to obtain the effect of the active ingredients.


שלושת המוצרים



About Dr. Govrin's "triple treatment" method 


Formula no. 1

This is a very concentrated serum with active substances that rejuvenate cells and stimulate intensive production of elastin and collagen.
In addition, the serum soothes the skin and reduces irritations.
Formula no. 1 assists in preventing adverse effects (STRETCH MARKS, STRIA) that may appear because of the immediate stretching of the skin following breast-enlargement surgery.



Use the serum on the day of the operation and on the following days for about a month.
Take a drop from the dropper, advisable after a shower and apply to each breast, but not on the scar.
Wait a few minutes for full absorption; afterwards, put on the bra recommended by Dr. Govrin.
Perform these instructions twice daily for a month.  




Formula no. 2

This is an active ointment that facilitates the rapid healing of scars by the production of collagen in a netlike and organized structure.
In formula no.2, apart from active substances that stimulate healing, there are antiseptic substances – anti-inflammatory.


Apply the ointment on the sutures on the surgical site immediately after the removal of the adhesive bandages.
Use a disposable applicator provided with the kit, and apply on the scars for one month, twice daily - in the morning and in the evening after a shower. 





Formula no. 3

This is a concentrated ointment with active substances intended for the continuous protection of the quality of the skin and its elasticity.


It is imperative and mandatory to start using it only after a month after the operation, preferably after a shower.



Apply the ointment on the skin of the breasts and massage lightly.
The course of Dr. Govrin's triple treatment is designated for women that underwent breast surgery.
In the development of this course of treatment, attention was paid to the quality and dosage of the active substances suitable for this part of the body.
In the case of breast-lift surgery or breast-reduction surgery, the adhesive bandages should be removed from the surgical incisions no sooner than 10 days after the operation and only then, apply formula no.2 on the region of the incisions.
Dr. Govrin's triple course of treatment was created for your sake; follow carefully the attached instructions.  



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