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Dr. Govrin receives his numerous patients in his clinics in Naharia and in Haifa.
The clinic in Naharia has accompanied Dr. Govrin's career as a plastic surgeon from the beginning. This clinic is very well known and popular among the residents of Naharia and the Galilee.
In Haifa, Dr. Govrin's clinic is located in the 'Physicians' House' on Ben-Gurion Avenue. This clinic is impressive and unique, especially equipped for Dr. Govrin's activity. To this clinic, patients come from all over Israel and from the whole world.


 מרפאותיו של ד  מרפאותיו של ד


The Physicians' House was established by Dr. Govrin in a charming building located on the main road, in a busy mall, in the German Colony in Haifa. Over a span of two years, the work of conservation and renovation was carried out, preserving its authentic appearance and character. This old building is encircled by a designed ornamental garden, an exclusive restaurant and cafeteria, a well-equipped meeting and workshop hall, luxurious physicians' and waiting rooms, an elevator, and more. The upper three floors are magnificently designed and are designated for posh specialists' clinics.
The lower floor with its arched entrances, stone walls, and special atmosphere, will serve for alternative and complementary treatments, a spa, a health workshop center, etc.
This unprecedented venture was established according to the vision of Feng Shui, providing an improved and balanced energy of the work environment and creates energetic stimulation and renewed motivation of the practitioner and his environment.  


Scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Govrin
Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM
On Friday and eves of holidays from 09:00 AM to 12:00 noon
Telephone multi-line - 04-8550930 


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